11 March 2009

Abbey Ryan

Let’s start this out on a quality footing, shall we? In the interest of that goal, I choose Abbey Ryan as the first artist reviewed. Ms. Ryan is a quality painter of deceptively simple and at once beautiful still lifes. She has been an adherent to the daily painting regimen since the Fall of 2007 and she will be more than happy to send you an email with a picture of her latest painting, but she won’t send much commentary along with it. I am neither here nor there on the inclusion of commentary. Some artists type a lot, and some mercifully type very little. In Ms. Ryan’s case, her art speaks for itself, requiring no explanation — it is just pure. Her beautiful still lifes usually consist of an individual object. I do not know if it is wise of me to ascribe a style to the artists reviewed here, I am not an official art critic, but I would put Ms. Ryan’s daily painting somewhere in the realm of realism with a soul. Another thing I like about her is that she is a Morandi fan. There is a serenity in her work that makes me wonder about the influence he has had on her. If you want to learn more about her, check out her two part interview on Diana:Muse (part 1 / part 2). Please check out her work on her blog and subscribe to her daily emails, I do. P.S. Since this is my first post and Ms. Ryan is such a deserving artist, I reserve the right to review her again. Hey, it’s my column.