03 June 2009

Nancy Eckels

When compared to the number of representational daily painters, abstract daily painters seem like a small group indeed. There are many good artists within this group and picking one to start with was tough (I do plan to review more from the group in the future). Nancy Eckels’ work is a great place to start. She has been posting her artwork on her blog “No Day Without Art by Nancy Eckels” since December 2006 and it is a solid body of vibrant, emotionally charged work. I am not saying every piece is going to be a hit with you; abstract expressionism operates on a very personal level, but I think upon viewing her work, something or many things will catch you and give you pause. This work connects on a raw level and it doesn’t matter what her intentions were, it just matters what it does to you. Ms. Eckels works primarily in acrylic and posts both her large and smaller pieces. She does not write commentary with her blog entries. As I have typed before, I am neither here nor there on the merit of commentary. It is like all things: when its bad it is painful and when it is good it is a joy. Modern art is a challenging endeavor, abstract expressionism doubly so. Unlike representational art, abstract art doesn’t necessarily have a standard set of rules to guide it through. But like all art, it is an emotional experience; as a viewer you either emotionally connect with it, or you don’t. No matter how much art education you have or don’t have, it comes down to that connection. Take a look at Nancy Eckels' work at her blog www.nancyeckels.blogspot.com. I think you will find something to connect with.