27 July 2009

Carol Marine

One of my favorite artists of all time is Louis Armstrong. Not only was the great trumpet playing Satchmo a great artist, he was the most beloved goodwill ambassador the United States has ever had. Wherever he went, people loved him. If the daily painting genre had a goodwill ambassador, it would probably be Carol Marine. I don’t think she plays trumpet, but her enthusiasm for the craft, the open and accessible nature of her work, and her nationwide (actually, international) painting workshops qualify her in spades. She is a one woman PR army going forth and spreading the word. She is also one of the more prolific daily painters, sending her work out with admirable consistency. She paints predominately still lifes and while her use of color is undeniably beautiful, what really amazes me about her work are her compositions, or should I say her never ending ability to come up with them? I mean come on! How many ways can you pose apples or peppers or whatever? In the case of Ms. Marine, the answer is “limitless”. She playfully maneuvers objects, light sources, points of view, and subject mixes around in an endlessly varied succession. These little oil on canvas pieces give all the appearance of somebody who thoroughly enjoys her work. Ms. Marine started her daily painting journey on October 5, 2006. Long standing blogs are great because they give you the unique opportunity to watch the development of an artist over the course of years and Ms. Marine’s blog does not disappoint. The blog is entitled “Carol Marine’s Painting a Day” with the subtitle of “Small Still Life Paintings in Oil”. Go visit it at www.carolmarine.blogspot.com and peruse until your heart’s content.