01 July 2009

Edward B. Gordon

Edward B. Gordon’s work is immediately recognizable. If you asked me what makes it so, in a sense, what defines an Edward B. Gordon piece, I would have to answer the rich hues, buttery brush strokes and, maybe most of all, his manipulation of values. The values leap out at you first. Values hold a piece together and most artists don’t toy with them too much. Not so with Mr. Gordon. He pushes the dark side of the value scale to great effect – instead of holding back, he gladly trips the darks to black or near black. He doesn’t hold his colors back either; leaving those darks next to beautifully rich hues. This bold, rich style is what makes his work so easily identifiable. He works in oils and paints his dailies on 15x15cm / 5.9x5.9 inch boards primed with his own self-made gesso. His blog is simply entitled “Edward B. Gordon” with the subtitle of “A Painting a Day – A Reflection of a Moment of the Day” and has been up since November 2006. He usually writes commentary to accompany his paintings and posts in both English and German. Mr. Gordon is one of the true daily painters with his consistent dedication and commitment to his art and the daily regimen. As far as subject matter goes, he paints pretty much whatever he likes. From landscapes – mostly urban, to street scenes to indoor scenes to portraits and still life – he is capable of doing it all. His powerful work speaks for itself better than I can, so I recommend you go to his blog and take a look for yourself. The blog’s address is www.edwardbgordon.blogspot.com and it is a blog you can scan forever, witnessing the evolution of this unique artist and his style over the course of years (he just recently passed his 900th daily painting mark!). Also, go to his “A Painting on Tour” blog at www.apaintingontour.blogspot.com. To celebrate the first anniversary of his daily painting blog he sent one of his dailies on a world tour. Check it out.