01 September 2009

Kyle T. Webster

Here is the first of hopefully many curve balls I am going to throw at you. I enjoy and appreciate any artist who attacks the human form without trepidation or fear. Kyle T. Webster is such an artist. He draws the human form with such vigor and with such an obvious knowledge of the human frame and what it is capable of, that it is inspiring. So many artists struggle with drawing people, but Mr. Webster’s lively drawings feel like figures set free – even the static poses feel dynamic. With a minimum of strokes he relates all the emotion the human form can express. The simplicity of these drawings reminds one of oriental brush work, but surprisingly enough, Mr. Webster produces these digitally. The shapes, foreshortening, and emotions might be slightly pushed, but they feel accurate. This can only be achieved by a talented artist who, again, has a thorough knowledge of the human frame and its abilities. He produces these wonderful drawings from his imagination – no model – no scrap, saying that his not using reference material is “...part of the fun of the exercise.” Mr. Webster’s blog is entitled The Daily Figure” and it has been up since August 2008. It is an inspiring view that I highly recommend. This article is not the place for the “Digital Debate” – been there done that. The current discussion about the legitimacy of digital art sounds an awful lot like a similar discussion occurring many, many years ago about the legitimacy of photography as an art form (yawn). Suffice it to say, whether your medium of choice be oil paint or little 0s and 1s, it will betray you for what your are; revealing your true talent or lack thereof – there is no hiding. Mr. Webster will probably be dismayed by my venturing off topic like this, so let’s get back to his wonderful work. Go see it. This is energetic work and I heartily encourage you to visit Mr. Webster’s blog at www.thedailyfigure.com. I think it will be a very uplifting experience for you.