01 October 2009

Loriann Signori

This is a great gig. I mean, where can you go from reviewing the dynamic drawings of Kyle T. Webster to reviewing the dreamy landscapes of Loriann Signori? Now, if I would only pay myself... Onward... Loriann Signori’s work is at once dreamy and beautiful. She is a dedicated plein air artist and obvious lover of the outdoors. Most of her inviting landscapes are rich pastels on top of tonal watercolor washes. Her blog, “Loriann Signori’s Painting-A-Day” has been up since October 2007 and has the revealing tagline, “I paint landscapes, most which are created en plein air, in all kinds of weather. I view them as my vitamins.” Art as vitamins... I like it. The pictures are accompanied by honest, insightful, not-too-long commentary. Every now and then she also posts process pictures, sometimes showing how she worked out a composition or what the initial watercolor wash looked like before she applied pastels. I don’t always enjoy process pictures – they need to be done just right or they can become overbearing, but occasionally seeing how an artist works is a nice bonus. As stated above, Ms. Signori’s landscapes are like dreams; nice dreams – not bad ones. Her work won’t jolt you, rather they invite you into themselves. She does not employ many, if any, definitive edges. Rather, she guides your eye through her pieces by using shapes – often nebulous, values, and last, but certainly not least, gorgeous hues. Yes, she is not shy with her palette, but nor is she heavy handed. She applies the full spectrum or just the right section of the spectrum that suits the ambience of the piece, making the landscape comfortable, yet dynamic. Go see her work for yourself and dream a little dream on the misty fields or inviting waterways. The address is www.loriannsignori.blogspot.com.