01 November 2009

Michael Naples

Michael Naples started his daily painting journey by not painting. He actually started with graphite drawings. After about a month he jumped into oil painting and what a jump and a journey it has been. One of the great benefits of this thing called blogging that it enables you to follow an artist’s growth over time. You are able scan Mr. Naples blog from his very first post back in August 2006 all the way up to his present work and see his tremendous growth as an oil painter. His initial posts of graphite drawings made sense, especially considering that at the time it was his forte as an artist. His first paintings were good, albeit a little timid. The timidity soon fell to the wayside and he has developed into quite an accomplished oil painter. He paints predominately still lifes, but also does some landscape work and he is also nice enough to occasionally post his beautiful graphite portrait commissions. Mr. Naples’ blog is simply entitled “Daily Paintings.” He posts commentary along with his pictures that usually consist of just a few sentences – not too short and not too long. I like to joke around that there are certain subjects that we daily painters are obliged to paint – I call them “Obligatory Paintings.” Things like tangerines, pears, bunches of asparagus (really!), broken eggs, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, etc. Well, Michael Naples may just be the king of peanut and jelly sandwich painting, having painted more of those gooey architectural marvels than anybody I can think of. He confesses that it is his favorite subject and he also confesses to using a 1/2” of peanut butter when he makes his sandwiches – a man after my own heart. Go scan his entire blog to witness Mr. Naples’ phenomenal growth as an artist and to see some pretty cool paintings of pb&j sandwiches. His blog’s address is www.michaelnaples.blogspot.com.