01 December 2009

Jinghua Gao Dalia

There have been times when I have wondered why I write these reviews. Oh, I don’t question the validity of bringing your attention to these wonderful artists’ work, rather I wonder about my writing about them. Several times while writing, I have stopped and thought, “Won’t my words just get in the way. Doesn’t this work speak for itself - should I just post the pictures and leave it at that? Why am I talking to myself?” When these thoughts cross my mind, I usually grab a cup of joe and plow on, typing away. But here I am again, looking at the beautiful work of Jinghua Gao Dalia and wondering how my words can possibly describe what is so obviously beautiful. Well, I’ve got my cup of joe, so here goes... Ms. Dalia uses traditional Chinese brush painting techniques to produce very well composed watercolor paintings of birds, flowers, landscapes, and/or figures. Her paintings can be either very detailed or they can be in an impressionist style which employs soft edged fields of beautiful hues to simply define a bird’s chest, or a branch, or a flower petal, or whatever she chooses to relate. Mind you, that even in her looser pieces, there can be so much going on in their little worlds, that they may appear to contain more detail than the artist has actually applied. These little paintings are very well composed, achieving a peaceful balance not only through traditional Chinese techniques, but also by employing Western sensitivities to values and perspective. (In the previous sentence, I really wanted to type the word “balance” in all caps. Maybe it’s the caffeine.) Ms. Dalia’s blog is entitled “Brush Magic - Jinghua Gao Dalia” and I think there might actually be some magic in her brushes. She started posting her work in December of 2007. Ms. Dalia’s blog address is www.brushmagic.blogspot.com. Do yourself a favor and go take a look.