01 March 2010

Elizabeth Perry

The blog “woolgathering” has been in my “Links Outta Left Field” sidebar since I started this review site/thing. It recently dawned on me that the author of this blog is the consummate daily painter. The artist/author Elizabeth Perry started her blogging journey in March 2002. It was a standard blog with just commentary. Then, two days after Christmas of 2004, the gods landed a sketchbook in her hands and she began a whole new creative journey. She did what all artists dream of doing: she picked up a sketchbook and starting drawing and painting in it every day and has not stopped since. Actually, she gave herself that first sketchbook, whatever, who cares about the technicalities – I think it’s all cool. In the beginning, she decided to make three rules: 1) draw every day, 2) don’t erase, and 3) don’t criticize the result. These simple rules bore the fruit of an ever expanding collection of wonderfully varied little pieces with subject matter ranging from a little puzzle piece to full-blown landscapes to the artist’s toes. Ms. Perry, no matter where she is, cracks open her sketchbook, draws or paints something on a spread, dates it, and posts it to her blog. If she is waiting for a student concert, she draws the microphone; if she is at home, she’ll paint a saltine cracker; whatever’s there, she draws it. A year after she started, Ms. Perry bumped up against the limitations of the paper in the store bought sketchbooks she was using, so she started making her own. Here is the link to the entry on her blog where she talks about her homemade sketchbooks and other materials and innovations she employs, like how she modified an Altoid tin into a paint tray (cool!). Ms. Perry is an inspiration to us all. By challenging herself, she is also challenging and inspiring us to pick up a pencil, pen, brush, stick, or whatever is handy and start drawing. Go check out her blog at www.elizabethperry.com/woolgathering and get inspired.