01 April 2010

Jeffrey Hayes

What we have in Jeff Hayes is an unabashed champion of classical realism. I do not particularly like labeling artists, but I guess it is a human quality – this need to classify things and people. Ultimately, artists are individuals defined by their decisions, so I think a more accurate term here would be “Jeffism” or “Hayesism.” Mr. Hayes’ blog is entitled, Jeffrey Hayes: Contemporary Still Life Paintings and he has been posting to it since September 2005. He paints wonderfully luminous still lifes in oil. We can all learn by simply observing the work of quality artists such as Mr. Hayes, but he further aids us by posting about his experiences as an artist and human. He also occasionally posts pictures of works in progress. Work in progress shots can be incredibly annoying or nicely informative, depending on how they are done. I find his to be in the latter camp. An example of his generosity is how he openly shows the lighting of his set ups. This might be a nice teaching moment, but what is more important than what lighting he uses is how he interprets that light. Choices are key to defining an artist and Mr. Hayes interpretation of light is unique. His beautiful and intense colors are informed by the time and meticulous care he takes selecting and composing his subject matter. But again, just as with his lighting, what matters is how he interprets those colors. What is in front of an artist helps guide them, but how this information flows through their cranium to their hands, and is then expressed onto the surface is what matters. Disclaimer: While Mr. Hayes no longer aspires to the title of Daily Painter, I feel he is worthy – more than worthy of a review. His influence has been strongly felt in the online daily painter community and while we may split hairs as to what qualifies as daily painting; painting and posting everyday or painting everyday and posting when able, it is ultimately my column – so there. Please take the time to review his work for yourself at: www.jeffhayesfinearts.blogspot.com.