01 May 2010

Susan Abbott

One of the challenges in reviewing Vermont artist Susan Abbott is where the heck to start. Let’s start factual: She is a watercolorist. Well, not exclusively, her talents allow her to move through different mediums. Oils pop up here and there and she also shares her really cool drawings and notes from her sketchbook. Okay, how about the fact she is a landscape artist. Again, not really. She will post a stretch of landscapes, then she wows you with a beautifully detailed or wonderfully simple still life, and then there are those great sketches again. Sketches of people, places, things – even an illustrated version of her packing list for a trip (really). Take all of the variations above and you have Susan Abbott – a very skilled and accomplished artist wending her way through her artistic life. Ms. Abbott’s blog, “A Painter’s Year/Susan Abbott’s Visual Journal” is just that; a journal of her journey as an artist, complete with appealing paintings, notes, and sketches. She travels a fair amount (as I write this she is somewhere in Spain – lucky!) and many of her vibrant landscape paintings and sketch book entries pertain to those travels. Hers are dynamic and well composed depictions of locales from all over the world and her own backyard. She has an additional blog called “Let Me Show You Vermont” which does exactly what its title implies, containing paintings and sketches that celebrate the artist’s home state. Ms. Abbott is not shy with her use of color. Many of her pieces contain unabashedly brilliant hues. The use and variation of these exciting colors often brings extra life to her pieces making you anticipate the next beautiful and interesting piece as you scan her blog, asking yourself, “What colors will she use next?” Well, stop talking to yourself and go check out her blog at www.susanabbott.blogspot.com and travel the world with this talented artist.