03 December 2010

Tony Allain

Lucky is the ether surfer who happens upon the blog of artist Tony Allain. Lucky because Mr. Allain’s work grabs the viewer and won’t let go—this is dynamic stuff. While he paints with both oils and pastels, the work on his blog is overwhelmingly in pastels, a wonderfully rich medium which he uses to full effect. His subject matter ranges from landscapes, seascapes, urbanscapes, interiors, to still life and a smattering of humans. Mr. Allain’s blog is entitled “Tony Allain: Colour and Light” with the subtitle of “A visual journal of small (and other) paintings in pastel and oil” and it has been up since January 2010. Color and Light are good keywords for Mr. Allain’s work, though I might also add Energy or Movement to the list. His use of a full and energetic range of colors and values, delivered via the beautiful intensity that pastel offers, show a deft command of medium and an intimate understanding of light. Combine that with his dynamic compositions and you have what amounts to mightily alluring pieces of art. His skilled drawing style and adroit compositions lend themselves well to pastel stickwork, or vice versa. Whichever. His painting technique and the angularity of his compositions function hand in hand, inviting you into and guiding you through the world created in his art. Mr. Allain’s work is loaded with wonderful abstractions and, while quite structural in nature, they are full of life and movement. Again, the abstractions he employs marry beautifully with his chosen medium. Pastel’s chiseled qualities and richly saturated hues amplify his strong shapes and the energy they impart. His blog’s address is www.tonyallainfineart.blogspot.com and I strongly recommend that you go take a look. Pay particular attention to his compositions and the movement — Oh, also his work with light and the intensity and subtlety of the pastels and the use of abstraction, and, and, and... You get the idea.

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Susan said...

Very nice work.