01 February 2011

Karin Jurick

Observation is an art in and of itself. We, as artists, try and try to master it. Whether it be a writer observing the folly of human relationships, or the painter finding themselves in the middle of the most beautiful meadow in the world, only to discover that most of the vistas just plain stink (for their purposes anyway), but then find that one that’s worth all the mosquito bites. In this review, I present to you an artist with great powers of observation — Karin Jurick. To many, Ms. Jurick is best known as the observer of observers of art. While she is not the originator of this genre, she has uniquely plumbed the depths of its possibilities with her painterly style, great compositions and keen powers of observation. And, that theme is not the only subject she paints. She paints people in all sorts of situations as well as animals, landscapes, still life and, at the time this review went to press, she is painting a series of 100 heads. Ms. Jurick is a success and one does not become successful unless one is good (at least, that is the delusion I choose to live under) and Ms. Jurick is good. Hers are engaging and vibrant paintings and her painterly application is joyous, giving one the sense that this artist paints with butter. Oh, did I type butter? I meant to say aplomb (sorry, just had to use a snobby word somewhere). Seriously, you get the sincere sense that this artist loves to paint and must paint. Ms. Jurick posts videos on YouTube, one of which shows her use of 35 colors on her palette (link to video). This, quite frankly, freaks me out a bit, but to each her own and it is hard to argue with the results, which are splendid. She seems to have a “More the Merrier” attitude about color and her humorous attitude can be infectious. If you want to be the disassociated, grumbling artist, I would advise you not to look at her work or read her writings. She might just break you down and make you smile. She is also a sharer, so when you go to her blog, which I recommend, the odds are you will learn something or at least get inspired. Go check it out at www.karinjurick.blogspot.com.

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