01 March 2011

Julian Merrow-Smith

I can pinpoint the exact moment the validity of the modern incarnation of daily painting became real for me. A friend and fellow artist sent me an email topped with just these words, “This guy rocks!” Attached was a small sampling of the work of painter Julian Merrow-Smith. One of the photos was of a dead fish that took my breath away. Long have I wanted to review Mr. Merrow-Smith, but every time I sat down to write, my muse would sing in my ear something like, ‘If the daily painting world had gods, Julian Merrow-Smith would certainly be one of them.’ Well, that sentence would probably get me into some kind of trouble, so let me change it to this: Julian Merrow-Smith is a consistently high quality artist who is highly esteemed within and without the daily painting community. As a matter of fact, he is one of the most referenced influences in the daily painting blogosphere. There is good reason for this collective esteem; Mr. Merrow-Smith is ‘a painter’s painter,’ and as such, he may be viewed as a kindred spirit, as well as an inspiration. He has been producing and posting his beautiful little paintings for seven years now. His lively, but sometimes subdued, brushwork combined with an appreciation of the power of light and sound compositional powers, make his little paintings sing. He is, quite frankly, a great all around painter. Mr. Merrow-Smith started his daily painting journey with the introduction of his “Postcard from Provence” project in February 2005. Being a British transplant living in the South of France, he lists as his inspiration for his site as, “...the arrival deep in the French countryside of a high-speed internet connection and Duane Keiser’s pioneering a painting a day blog.” Seeing such a strong painter as Mr. Merrow-Smith take up daily painting and sharing his journey with the world via the internet has proven to many fellow artists the viability and promise of the exercise as an avenue for personal growth and development. You may view his wonderful work on his site “Postcard from Provence” at www.shiftinglight.com, or by buying his book (link) of the same name.


KEH said...

whoa - Merrow-Smith is truly gifted, and creates beautiful work that accurately portrays the subject material. Excellent post - thanks for informing me of such a great artist!

school architects said...

I'm so amazed with this painting. It's really nice because the models looks like real especially the fish. It seems like a 3D model.